For two weekends in August, elite hockey teams from across the country will camp out at UConn's storied campus in Storrs, CT, and participate in a competitive, team bonding experience that will catapult them into a great season!

Weekend dates in August 2020 to be announced.


Why attend the CT Elite Hockey Tournament Showcase?

This tournament is exactly what your team needs for a great start to your 20-21 season! Run by experienced UConn coaches and players (some who are NHL draft picks), this tournament will immerse your team in an action-packed 2-day schedule that will feature team bonding activities, high energy practices, video review sessions, strength sessions in addition to four competitive tournament games.

UConn coaches and players will be with you and your team during the 48 hours, imparting knowledge, tips, advice on cruicial ways your team can take its game even further. Your players will have access to elite college hockey players throughout the experience, on and off the ice, who will be accessible to discuss anything and everything related to hockey. 

Specifically, throughout the tournament your team will participate in the following:


Each team will have a practice or two (Still working on the schedule). 

The practices will be conducted by a UConn college hockey coach and players. These practices will challenge their speed, skills, endurance, strength and skating abilities.  Practice areas will include:

  • Fast-paced and complex drills and systems
  • Passing and receiving the puck while in motion
  • Shooting
  • Stick handling
  • Puck control

Practices will also involve mini scrimmages.


Campers will participate in four tournament games, also attended by college hockey players and coaches. One of the games will be filmed and the tape will be broken down by UConn coaches and reviewed with your coaches and team. Players will get specific feedback about their play, as well as the team as a whole. 

Classroom Seminars

UConn hockey coaches and current collegiate hockey players will conduct a team bonding talk with campers about:

  • Opportunities after High School Hockey: Campers will engage with coaches and players on what's out there once after high school: Where exactly can a high school player go after their high school career is over? What puts players in the best position to play juniors or college hockey? How much do grades and test scores affect your options? How can you prepare now to continue their playing career? How do you get a program's attention? Current college players will discuss their road to college hockey - what personal sacrifices they made to get there, what their hockey decisions were through the years that helped them develop and grow - did they participate in juniors? Did they attend camps and tournaments? What was successful to their development? 
  • There is no I in team:  We all know this old addage, but how do you put it into practice? As players continue to develop their roles and style of play, there are off-ice skills that are needed that sometimes far outweigh what you could ever post to a score sheet. UConn players and coaches will talk with you and your team about work ethic, character, and leadership. Your team will conduct a team building activity that demonstrates the importance of working together. Your players will leave knowing the top traits to become a better teammate and leader, and what coaches mean by work ethic and character.

Strength Sessions

Collegiate strength coaches will lead your players through a typical collegiate strength sessions specifically geared for hockey players. The strength coach will review the exercises and how they help the hockey player.